Jeremy Blanc

SONY has launched the consoles PS4 Slim and Pro

Sony has thought to announce the new PlayStation consoles the exact same day that Apple announced the new IPhones - this was a pretty good marketing idea, I need to give them credit for that. Good job boys!

There are two new consoles, PS4 variations, of course, not a new generation, plus some accessories.

PS4 Slim

As usual, the Slim edition brings a smaller and lighter housing, lighter by almost 30% compared with the first model. Consumption was also likely reduced by switching to new technologies for electronics manufacturing.

That's all. Among the accessories that cost money there is also a stand on which you can place your console vertically, but it costs 19 euro - recommended price, but let's face it with this money you can buy a game and have some good fun.


Oh well, here things are better, but in the long run could break the thread. Pro version comes with a faster processor and graphics cores so that games can be rendered at a resolution Ultra HD, and the video streaming can be launched at the same resolution using dedicated app for Netflix or YouTube. Moreover, there is also a support for HDR color render technology.

I would say to you the hardware specifications of the new consoles, but it is better to not know what is inside, yet to run any game. Power consumption may interest you - it is maximum 310 W.

The Pro console should cost around 100 euro with 1TB storage and it will appear on November 10 - explore new options.

The visual differences between the two consoles are clear: the Slim one has "two floors" and the Pro on "three floors", or as they say technically, "two slits through it".

There are also some new accessories, such as a slightly improved controller, a camera and some headphones.

The console was presented with a short clip - Andromeda Mass Effect, a game that will be released next year.

So, if you are consoles fans, then you will be happy to know that very soon you can get your hands on the newest PS4 consoles - get the best news here.